3.0 Series Release Notes


Other Notes

  • The default archive policies “low” and “medium” are now storing less data than they used to be. They are only using respectively 1 and 2 definition of archiving policy, which speeds up by 66% and 33% their computing speed.


New Features

  • A new REST API endpoint have been added to be able to update a resource-type: “PATCH /v1/resource-type/foobar”. The expected payload is in RFC6902 format. Some examples can be found in the documentation.

  • The Carbonara based storage engine has been updated and greatly improved. It now features fast write for Ceph (no change for file and Swift based drivers) by using an append method. It also features on the fly data compression (using LZ4) of the aggregated time serie, reducing the data space usage by at least 50 %.

  • Swift now supports authentication with Keystone v3 API.

Upgrade Notes

  • gnocchi-upgrade must be run before running the new version of gnocchi-metricd and the HTTP REST API in order to upgrade from version 2 of the Carbonara storage engine to version 3. It will read all metrics and convert them to new version 3 serialization format (compressing the data), which might take some time.