Warning: This document is for the development version of Gnocchi. The main version is stable/4.0.

Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Support added to accept GET requests to /v1/batch/metrics/measures to retrieve multiple metrics in a single request. Metric ids should be passed in as query parameters in the format /v1/batch/metrics/measures?metric=uuid1&metric=uuid2. Additionally, start, stop, granularity and aggregation parameters may be passed in for additional filtering. All metrics must support the same granularity and aggregation if filtering on those attributes.
  • The gnocchi-api script is now a wrapper around uWSGI. Using a WSGI-compliant HTTP server always have been recommended, but since most users want to just run gnocchi-api, it’ll now be fast and efficient by default.
  • New aggregation methods are available for archive policy; rate:mean, rate:last, .... These new methods allow to compute the timeseries rate of change before applying the selected aggregation method.

Deprecation Notes

  • moving_average aggregate is deprecated.

Other Notes

  • The deprecated noauth authentication mode has been removed.